Girifalco Archery, Massa Marittima

Girifalco Archery in Massa Marittima

The Girifalco Archery is the most important folk event in Massa Marittima and surrounding area.

Except special editions, the event is usually held in the beautiful square of Massa Marittima twice a year: the fourth Sunday in May (the 20 is St. Bernardino's Day) and the second Sunday in August.

The competition in May is in honour of St. Bernardino of Albizzeschi (co-patron of Massa Marittima), while the event in August celebrates the establishment of the Free Municipality on 31/7/1225.

The picturesque Medieval Festival in colourful and elegant velvet costumes is much appreciated by tourists and the public.

The Medieval show involves 8 archers for each one of the 3 terzieri in which the town is divided, since the days of the free Municipality.

The three terzieri are: Cittanuova (white, red and green), Cittavecchia (white, black and yellow) and Borgo (yellow gold, blue and red).

The crossbowman loads an arrow into his weapon using a jack and after taking the shooting position and aim, he shoots an arrow at a target called “cornel” placed 36 meters away.