Palio di Siena, Piazza del Campo

The Palio of Siena

The Palio di Siena It takes place every year on,it 2 July and 16 August.
The Palio lasts four days: in the morning of 29 June for the event in July, and 13 August for August, a horse is assigned to each Contrada participating in the Palio.

Initially 6 tests are held, three in the morning at 9 and three in the evening at 19.45 (19.30 for August).
The last one is called General Test while the last ever test – that takes place in the morning of the Palio – is called Provaccia.

The Palio race circles Piazza del Campo three times, on which in a thick layer of dirt has been laid. It starts from the Mossa, formed by two ropes inside which the 9 Contrade are arranged in an order determined by draw, when the last one enters, the, front canape is lowered and the race starts.
The winner is the Contrada which, with or without jockey, circles the three rounds for first.

The winner is awarded the Palio, or Drappellone, that will always be kept in its museum.