• Acquarium Sea World

Acquarium Sea World

Distance: 14 minutes

The Aquarium Mondo Marino is a marine environmental education centre and the headquarters of the Shark Study Centre – a scientific institute carrying out shark studies in South Africa, Madagascar and the Mediterranean.

An exciting journey of discovery of the blue planet, from the smallest organisms to the largest predators, comparing the rich marine life of the Mediterranean with that of distant tropical seas.

You can observe hundreds of specimens of various species: from groupers to moray eels, from sharks to butterfly fish, from clown fish to lobsters, comparing the animals that live in the Mediterranean Sea with those found in tropical and Atlantic waters.

How to get to Acquarium Mondo Marino?

Starting from Borgo Etrusco, continue in the direction of Strada Provinciale Puntone, following Strada Provinciale Scarlino, Strada Provinciale Vado all’Arancio and SR439 in the direction of Via delle Fonderie in Massa Marittima. After about 10km, turn left onto Strada Provinciale Puntone and turn right onto Strada Provinciale Scarlino. After about 3.5 km at the roundabout take the 2nd exit, following Strada Provinciale Vado all’Arancio and, at the roundabout, take the 1st exit for Strada Regionale 439 Sarzanese Valdera/SR439. Drive in the direction of Via della Cava in Valpiana and, after 2 km, turn slightly right and take Via delle Fonderie. Finally, turn right and take Via della Cava/Strada Provinciale Valpiana; after 200 m turn right and take Via della Cava which will take you to your destination.

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