• Carbonifera


Distance: 25 minutes

Carbonifera beach is located in the Coastal Park of Sterpaia, between Follonica and Torre Mozza beach. Carbonifera, surrounded by a suggestive centuries-old pine forest, is characterised by dunes of fine golden sand, washed by a crystal-clear sea with a shallow seabed that slopes gently downwards, offering spectacular plays of light and colour.


How to get to Carbonifera?

To reach Carbonifera from Scarlino Scalo, just take the Aurelia provincial road towards Follonica and after about 10 km, once you have passed the junction with the Aurelia highway, continue for another 500 meters. In the middle of a wide curve to the right, you will find an entrance on the left and, right on this road, past the overpass, you will turn right. At the end of this road, you will find a crossroads, turn left and after 200 meters you will find the beautiful beach of Carbonifera. You can leave your car in an equipped car park, walk to the sea and choose between a free beach and an equipped beach.

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