• Thermal baths of Sassetta

Thermal baths of Sassetta

Distance: 39 minutes

The Thermal baths of Sassetta is immersed in the peace and quiet of the Poggio Neri forest park, a magical place of widespread wellbeing, an experience to experience and pulsate harmonies in an exciting and authentic setting.

The evocative tubs and pools, inspired by the Etruscan and Roman architecture of the ancient baths, are fed by a precious naturally hot water, which gushes out of an underground basin at a constant temperature of 51°C and which, thanks to a particular concentration of sulphates, calcium, minerals and trace elements, gives those who immerse themselves in it therapeutic effects at respiratory, skin and osteomuscular level.

How to get to Thermal baths of Sassetta?

To reach Thermal baths of Sassetta you need to continue in the direction of Strada Provinciale Puntone, take Strada Provinciale Montioni, SP19, SR398 and Strada Provinciale dei Quattro Comuni in the direction of Via Campagna Sud in Sassetta and finally follow Via Campagna Sud until you reach Via della Cerreta.

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